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Information technology: any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization.

Hardware: physical devices that make up a computer (or computer system)

Software: set of instructions that hardware executes to carry out a specific task for you

System software: handles tasks specific to technology management and coordinates the interaction of all technology devices.

Two main types of system software: Operating system software, Utility software

Personal productivity software helps you perform personal tasks Writing memos (word processing) Creating graphs (spreadsheet) Creating slide presentations (presentation) Software suite – several applications bundled together (usually productivity software)

Vertical market software: application software for a specific industry

Patient scheduling software

Restaurant management software

Horizontal market software: application software suitable for use in many industries

Payroll, inventory, and billing

Personal digital assistant (PDA): small handheld computer for personal tasks like appointment scheduling and address book maintenance

Tablet PC: pen-based computer with the functionality of a notebook or desktop

Notebook computer: small, portable, fully functional, battery-powered computer

Desktop computer: most popular type of personal computer


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